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About us

S.C. CONTERRA S.A. is a company specialized in production and marketing of polypropylene packagings, in all constructive range, especially big bags of 500 to 2000 kg intended to transport powdery and granulated products as food and non – food products.
Our main goal is to produce packagings according to customer needs, meeting the quality management system ISO.
All products (including packaging intended for dangerous goods) are certified by LABORDATA TESTING INSTITUTE – Germany.


Conterra was founded in 1992 as a market request initially as auxiliary producer and at that time the technology for big bags was 100% foreign.
In the present our company is producing yearly almost 1.500.000 pcs big bags with 1, 2 and 4 lifting points, and is processing almost 1.500 to polypropylene granule yearly.

Starting with 1999 through a major investment program was put in operation a fabrication line from Germany. So we started to produce packaging from the basic raw material, PP granule – to the final product, big bags. At the same we increased the range of products, producing besides small bags and big bags auxiliary products: PP tapes, fibrillated tapes, fabric, belts, cords etc.
From now on, the production process being completely integrated, we could ensure a higher flexibility and promptness in solving the particularly requests of clients, reducing the production costs, with major implications in the company’s profitability.

Because of the market requests, in the last 10 years our production was focused manly on big bags – the delivery of bulk products in such bags ensuring lower costs, reducing the number of the manipulations, with a higher security of the product during transport and storing.

Bags made up of woven polypropylene can be executed today in a wide range, being coated or uncoated, printed or unprinted, with one, two or four lifting points, according to user’s requests.
Our Company is EFIBCA full member (European Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association) – association which integrates a considerable number of the producers and distributors of flexible containers, designed to be loaded and manipulated with automatic integral or removable devices.
Being preoccupied to satisfy the customer’s needs, and being into a permanent relationship with their needs, in 2006 we became a Portabulk ® Licensee this meaning that both our products and products executed under Portabulk licensee (big bags for 700 kg bulk good, having one lifting point) are high quality products.
Desiring to deliver appropriate packages to our partners, according to their loading systems, starting with 2015 through technological investments, we are able to execute big bags with one lifting point packed on reel – products that can be used on the filling system designed by Goodtech.
Conterra’s young staff, highly specialized, super qualified, and extremely respondent to changes, represents our best asset and allows us look confident into the future and our slogan “OUR SAFETY SAVES YOUR MONEY” to be permanently a certainty for our clients.